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As a blog dedicated to conversations about wine and its production, we present to you several pictures of some of our best wine brands and the fruits used in producing them. They include the Semi-Dry Pear wine, Whistle Stop White, Pomona, Brookview Merlot, Moonlight Marquette, and more.

Know Your Wine

Wine comes in different colors and flavors. Just as a plate of the meal has several components that build up its taste, so does a bottle of wine. The wine market is saturated with various shades and brands of wine that it’s challenging to know which is which. It takes a great deal of expertise to tell a good wine from a fake one, just by tasting.

In this section, you’ll get answers to questions on how to know what grape variety was used in making a particular wine, what region it was produced, under what weather condition the grape was cultivated, what sort of yeast was used in the preparation, and lots more.

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This section will take visitors to the list of all the wine and wine-related products the blog deals in. The list, if extended, might be in pages. Each product featured will have a short caption and a “know more” which would allow users to get comprehensive details about such a product.

Whistle Stop White

With an aroma that captures the essence of apple, Whistle Stop White is an elegant, semi-dry white wine. A subtle hint of apple is all that lingers behinds its smooth sweet-tart finish.

Brookview Merlot

A simple, medium-bodied Merlot with hints of plums and currants. This Not-to-Dry wine is absolutely meant to delight your senses. Pairs nicely with rich cuts of meat like prime rib and hearty cheeses.


The fruity bouquet and sweet finish of this Apple Pear Wine, Pays homage to Pomona, the Goddess of the Orchards. This blend of flavors from the Hudson Valley is infused with the essence of finely ripened fruits.

Moonlight Marquette

Brookview Estate Grown and Bottled Soft tannins mingle with notes of berries and dark cherries to create a delightfully well-balanced, refined dry red wine. Pairs well with Savory Meats, Fruits and Cheeses.

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