Brookview Station Wine Red Wines

Moonlight Marquette

Brookview Estate Grown and Bottled 

Soft tannins mingle with notes of berries and dark cherries to create a delightfully well-balanced, refined dry red wine. Pairs well with Savory Meats, Fruits and Cheeses. 


Brookview Frontenac is an exquisite dry red wine. Its deep garnet color complements its distinctive cherry undertones and inviting palate of blackberry, currant, and plum

All Aboard

Brookview Estate Grown and Bottled

This medium-bodied red with its lightly spiced finish makes ” All Aboard ” the perfect dinner wine. Pairs well with burgers, pasta, cheeses, and chili. For a fun flavorful twist serve ” All Aboard ” chilled or in Sangria.

Brookview Merlot

A simple, medium-bodied Merlot with hints of plums and currants. This Not-to-Dry wine is absolutely meant to delight your senses. Pairs nicely with rich cuts of meat like prime rib and hearty cheeses.