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Are you a wine lover? Do you want to know more about your favorite wines? Then, you’re in the right place.

Wine is one of the oldest things in history. The art of making wine can be traced back to the fourth century when people consumed wine for various reasons; for rituals, in celebration, and fun. Worth mentioning is the fact that wine also serves medicinal purposes.

The value of wine has increased significantly over the years, due to increasing interest in the art. The discovery of enhanced procedures for wine production led to the manufacture of more excellent qualities of wines, which in turn led to the proliferation of investors in the wine business. Presently, there are so many brands of wine in the world; so much that only apparel has more brands.

On Brook View Station Winery blog, we provide reviews on various kinds of wine. Our information base is premised on several years of in-depth research on the theories behind winemaking, and first-hand information from top winemakers around the globe. Here, you will be educated on the how and when of the most excellent wines in the world.

At the end of your tour on our blog, you’d be exceptionally knowledgeable about wines.

What do We do?

Here, it’s all about wines. On this blog, you’ll access information on the various brands of wine we produce, what the best wines in the world are, and how they’re made. We also organize tours around tasting rooms for willing subscribers.

Also, we provide opportunities for potential investors to learn about the wine business, which comes in the form of online and in-class training, where aspiring winemakers and sellers get to learn from the best in the industry. You get to be exposed to the variations inherent in the winemaking sector. Also, you’ll be enlightened on how to procure valid winemaking permits from regulatory bodies.

Whistle Stop White

With an aroma that captures the essence of apple, Whistle Stop White is an elegant, semi-dry white wine. A subtle hint of apple is all that lingers behinds its smooth sweet-tart finish.

Brookview Merlot

A simple, medium-bodied Merlot with hints of plums and currants. This Not-to-Dry wine is absolutely meant to delight your senses. Pairs nicely with rich cuts of meat like prime rib and hearty cheeses.


The fruity bouquet and sweet finish of this Apple Pear Wine, Pays homage to Pomona, the Goddess of the Orchards. This blend of flavors from the Hudson Valley is infused with the essence of finely ripened fruits.

Moonlight Marquette

Brookview Estate Grown and Bottled Soft tannins mingle with notes of berries and dark cherries to create a delightfully well-balanced, refined dry red wine. Pairs well with Savory Meats, Fruits and Cheeses.

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